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District Board Policy


Allen Public Schools District I-01

Pontotoc County, Oklahoma

pdfIntroduction pdfTable of Contents pdfAA - School District Legal Status pdfAE - Philosophy pdfAEA - Mission of Allen School District pdfAF - Goals and Objectives pdfBA - Board of Education Legal Status pdfBAA - Board of Education Powers and Duties pdfBAAB - Nepotism pdfBBB - School Board Members Term of Office pdfBBH - Development Opportunities: Board Members pdfBD-R2 - Board of Education Minutes Clerk (Regulation) pdfBD-R3 - Board of Education Encumbrance Clerk (Regulation) pdfBDAE - Board of Education Officers Treasurer pdfBDAE-R - Board of Education Officer Duties - Treasurer (Regulations) pdfBDFD - Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committee/Safe School Committee pdfBE - Board of Education Meetings and Notification Procedures pdfBE-R - Board of Education Meetings Videoconference Regulations pdfBEA - School Board Meetings Agenda Preparation and Dissemination pdfBEC - Executive Sessions pdfBED - Board of Education Meeting Public Participation pdfBED-E - Request to Address Board of Education pdfBED-R - Standard for Public Participation at School Board Meetings Regulation pdfBFA - Board Policies pdfBJ - Board of Education Executive Officer - Superintendent pdfBPCAB - Handbooks - Administrative pdfCA - Expenditure Of District Funds pdfCBB - Policy Forbidding The Supplanting of Federal Funds and Grant Monies for Local Revenue pdfCBBA - Grant Policies and Procedures pdfCBBB - Internal Controls pdfCDA - Management and Investment of Funds pdfCE - Annual Budget pdfCFB - Activity Funds pdfCFB-R1 - Activity Funds (Regulations) pdfCFBB - Sanctioning of Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs pdfCFBB-E - Application for Sanctioning pdfCFC - Auditor pdfCHA - Purchasing and Distribution pdfCHC - Bids and Quotations pdfCI - Disposal of Surplus School Property pdfCK - Safety Program pdfCKAC - Emergency Plans pdfCKBB - Warning Systems Inclement Weather pdfCKC - Safety Drills pdfCKC-R1 - Drills Rules and Procedures pdfCKC-R2 - Tornado Drills Rules and Procedures pdfCKCB - Bomb Threats pdfCKDA - Tobacco Use Prohibited pdfCL - Buildings, Equipment and Grounds pdfCLB - Equipment Accountability pdfCN - School Transportation pdfCN-R1 - School Transportation (Regulations) pdfCN-R3 - Bus Drivers and Use of Technology pdfCO - Wellness Policy pdfCOB - Procurement pdfCOB-R - Procurement (Regulations) pdfCOCA - Child Nutrition Meal Charge Policy pdfCVFA - Fair Labor Standards Act pdfCVFA-E1 - Timekeeping Non-Exempt Employees pdfCVFA-E2 - Overtime Authorization Form pdfCVFA-R - Fair Labor Standards Act (Regulations) pdfCVFA-P - Fair Labor Standards Act Procedures pdfDA - Sexual Harassment pdfDAA - Non Discrimination pdfDAA-E - Discrimination Complaint Form pdfDAA-P - Discrimination Complaints Procedures pdfDAAC - Federal Programs Complaint Resolution pdfDABB - Records Investigation pdfDBA - Paraprofessionals pdfDBAA - Title 1 and Special Education Paraprofessionals pdfDBCA - Standards of Performance and Conduct for Teachers pdfDBD - Conflicts of Interest pdfDBH - Accommodation's for Lactating Employees pdfDCC - Drug-Free Workplace pdfDCC-E1 - Drug-Free Workplace Notice to Employees pdfDDC - Employee Resignations and Reference Requests pdfDE-R1 - Salary Schedules pdfDEC-R1 - Sick Leave Certified Personnel (Regulations) pdfDEC-R2 - Sick Leave Support Personnel (Regulations) pdfDEC-R3 - Personnel Personal Business Leave Regulations pdfDEC-R4 - Emergency Leave (Regulations) pdfDEC-R5 - Jury Duty Service and Witness Leave (Regulations) pdfDEC-R6 - Military Leave (Regulations) pdfDECA - Family Medical Leave pdfDEE - Expense Reimbursement pdfDEE-R - Travel and Expenses pdfDEEC - Student Activities Expense Reimbursements pdfDEF - Unused Sick Leave Retirement Program pdfDEFA - Leave Sharing Plan pdfDEFA-E1 - Leave Sharing Agreement pdfDEFA-R1 - Leave Sharing Program (Regulation) pdfDHAC - Staff Members and Social Networking Sites pdfDIAF - Hygiene and Sanitation (Bloodborne Pathogens) pdfDIAF-R - Hygiene and Sanitation (Bloodborne Pathogens Regulations) pdfDIAF-P - Routine Procedures for Sanitation and Hygiene When Handling Body Fluids pdfDMB - Professional Growth and Development pdfDMB-R1 - Professional Growth and Development (Regulation) pdfDNA - Teacher Evaluation pdfDNAA - Evaluation of Administrative Personnel pdfDNB - Personnel Files Certified Staff pdfDO-R - Teacher Termination Procedures pdfDOAC - Support Personnel Suspension, Demotion, Nonrenewal or Termination pdfDOB - Due Process for Administrators pdfDOCA - Reduction-In-Force Certified Personnel pdfDOCB - Reduction-in-Force Support Personnel pdfDPA - Qualifications Teachers pdfDPAO - Director of Federal Programs pdfDPB - Substitute Teachers pdfEBA - School Hours pdfECA - School District Screening Protocol pdfEFA - School Library Media Center pdfEFA-E1 - Request for Reconsideration of Library Material pdfEFA-P - Public Complaints about Library Curriculum or Instructional Materials (Procedures) pdfEFA-R1 - School Library Media Center Selection of Materials (Regulations) pdfEFBCA - Internet and Other Computer Networks Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy pdfEFBCA-E - Internet Access Conduct Agreement pdfEFBCA-R1 - Code of Conduct for Internet and Other Computer Network Access pdfEFD - Field Trips and Excursions pdfEFD-E1 - Field Trips, Excursions and Contests (Student-Parent Form) pdfEFD-E2 - Field Trips, Excursions and Contests (Teacher Sponsor Request Form) pdfEFD-R1 - Educational Field Trips (Regulations) pdfEFD-R2 - Student Out-Of-State Trips pdfEFDA - Senior Trips pdfEFEA - Using Copyrighted Material pdfEGG - Prohibiting of Race and Sex Discrimination in Curriculum and Complaint Process pdfEGG-E - Prohibiting of Race and Sex Discrimination in Curriculum and Complaint Process Complaint Form pdfEHA - Basic Instructional Program pdfEHAH - Sex Education pdfEHAI - Aids Prevention Education for Students pdfEHAK - Physical Education pdfEHBC-E3 - Revocation For Consent for Special Education Services pdfEHBC-R4 - Special Education Services for Children Enrolled in Private School pdfEHBCA - Extended School Year Services pdfEHBDB - Title 1 Parent Involvement pdfEHBDBA - Parent Participation in the School District pdfEHBE - Limited English Proficiency Instruction pdfEHBE-E - Limited English Proficiency Programs Parent Notification Forms pdfEHBH - Alternative Education pdfEHBJA - Conversion School pdfEHDD - Concurrent Enrollment Student pdfEHDD-R - Concurrent Enrollment Student (Regulation) pdfEHDF - Online Instruction pdfEIA - Promotion and Retention pdfEIA-R4 - Student Retention (Regulations) pdfEIA-R5 - Midyear Promotion Fourth Grade pdfEIAE - Proficiency Based Promotions pdfEIAE-P - Proficiency Based Promotions Testing Procedures pdfEIED - Graduation Requirements pdfEIEDF - Individual Career and Academic Plan pdfEJ - Guidance and Counseling Services pdfEJB - Suicide Awareness and Training pdfEK - Testing Program pdfEK-R1 - Testing Program Student Surveys (Regulation) pdfEKBA - Reading Sufficiency Testing pdfFB - Sexual Harassment of Students pdfFB-E1 - Sexual Harassment Incident Report Form pdfFB-E2 - Written Notice to Known Parties Regarding Allegations of Sexual Harassment pdfFB-E3 - Written Report pdfFD - Student Residency pdfFD-P - Student Residency Dispute Procedures pdfFDAAA - Electronic Signatures pdfFDAH - Enrollment of Military Children pdfFDAHA - Education of Migratory Children pdfFDC - Student Attendance pdfFDC-P - Medical Exemption Review Committee Process for Eligible Exemptions and Documentation for Decisions pdfFDC-R1 - Attendance Policy (Regulation) pdfFE - Student Transfers pdfFEF - Student Transfers for Children of Teachers pdfFEG - Student Transfers for Children of Active Duty Military Members pdfFEH - Transfers for Special Education Students pdfFEXX - Withdrawal from School pdfFFA - Health: Students pdfFFA-R - Head Lice (Regulations) pdfFFAB - Immunizations Students pdfFFAC - First Aid: Students pdfFFACA - Medication: Administering to Students pdfFFACC - Diabetes Medical Management Plan pdfFFACD - Medical Marijuana pdfFFACDAA - Seizure Safe Schools pdfFFAD - Bed Bugs pdfFFAEA - Concussions and Head Injuries pdfFFAEA-E - Concussions and Head Injury Acknowledgment and Information Sheet pdfFFFD - Vehicle Use and Parking: Students pdfFFG - Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect pdfFJ - Fund Raising by In-School Organizations pdfFJ-P - Student Fund Raising Activities Procedures pdfFJ-R - Administrative Guidelines for Raffles pdfFL - Student Records pdfFL-R - Compliance with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Regulation) pdfFLE - Transfer and Release of Confidential Information pdfFLF - Information Coordinator pdfFM - Student Activities Scholastic Eligibility pdfFM-R - Student Activities Eligibility (Regulation) pdfFMA - Extracurricular Activities pdfFMAAA - Extracurricular Activities Emergency Medical Services pdfFMAAA-E - Emergency Action Plan pdfFMAAA-E2 - Evaluation of Emergency Action Plan pdfFMC - Student Clubs and Organizations Sponsors pdfFNCA - Student Conduct Dress Code pdfFNCA-R - Student Conduct Dress Code (Regulation) pdfFNCC - Hazing pdfFNCD - Bullying pdfFNCD-E - Harassment/Bullying Incident Report Form pdfFNCD-P - Prohibiting Harassment, intimidation and Bullying (Investigating Procedures) pdfFNCD-R - Prohibiting Harassment, intimidation and Bullying (Regulation) pdfFNCE - Reporting Students Under the Influence of or Possessing Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Dangerous Substances pdfFNCGA - Weapons-Free School pdfFNF - Search of Students pdfFNF-R - Search of Students (Regulation) pdfFNG - Wireless Telecommunication Devices pdfFO - Student Discipline pdfFO-R1 - Control and Discipline Policy pdfFOD - Suspension of Students pdfFOD-R1 - Suspension of Students (Regulation) pdfFP - Students: Fees, Fines and Charges pdfGBA - Open Records Act pdfGBA-R - Open Records Act (Regulation) pdfGJ - School Visitors pdfGJ-P - School Visitors (Grievance/Appeals Process) pdfGJBA - Student Recruitment Access to Students and Directory Information pdfGK - Use of School Property