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My main communication to students about scholarships is through school email. I always forward what I receive to students and parents. I will post as many links as possible to this page. You must be proactive in searching for scholarships--I don't receive information on all of them, but I will post as many as possible.




It is never too early to start searching for scholarships. There are many scholarships that can help students pave a way towards their future success. Below are a few websites to help students and families get started on their scholarship journey.


OKLAHOMA EDGE offers Financial Aid & Scholarships resources to help connect students to financial aid and scholarship opportunities.



Students may apply for several types of aid including scholarships, grants, long-term loans, and work-study assistance. For more information, visit: Scholarship Collection.


OKCOLLEGESTART.ORG offers a Scholarship Profile and Scholarship Corner for students to find financial aid and monthly scholarship opportunities.


SCHOLARSHIPS.COM offers over 3.7 million college scholarships and grants. You can even search for scholarships by month. To search scholarships by deadlines, click here



Check out U.S. News webpage for Best Colleges with additional information and topics such as:

  • Applying for college

  • Paying for college

  • Rankings and much more...

For more information, visit: