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Posted Date: 07/27/2022


  Students can pick up schedules on the following dates:

August 2--Seniors--9-12, 1-4

August 3--Juniors--9-12, 1-4

August 4--Sophomores--9-12, 1-4

August 8--Freshmen--9-12

August 8--8th Graders--1-4

August 9--7th Graders--9-12

August 9--6th Graders--1-4


For anyone who has not enrolled online, we will hold an evening to help you.  All students must be enrolled before they can pick up their schedules.  You are welcome to come next week beginning on August 2nd during the day from 9-12 and 1-4 to do online enrollment.


August 2--Online Enrollment 5-8 pm


For anyone who cannot make it during the day to pick up schedules, Ms. Costner will stay late on August 9th from 6-8 pm.  Please come during your allotted time.  If you can't come during your allotted time slot, please send an email to Ms. Costner: